United Voices Research Team

Dr. Judy Y. Tan is the Principal Investigator of the United Voices Team. She is a social psychologist and Assistant Professor in the Division of Prevention Science, Center for AIDS Prevention Studies, at UCSF, with graduate certifications in Quantitative Research Methods and Health Psychology. She is interested in how social inequality manifests in health disparities among racial/ethnic, sexual, and gender minority communities in the U.S. Her current research focuses on developing mobile health interventions to address health disparities.

Dr. Tan is an immigrant and the first in her family to attend college. Dr. Tan identifies as queer, Asian/Pacific Islander, and cis woman.

Darius "Jovon" Bright is the community outreach liason of United Voices. He has a background in direct social and clinical services provision with a focus on ethnic, sexual and gender minority populations. He leans in on topics social determinants and health crisis of black men and assisting relevant research.

Hyunjin (Cindy) Kim is the Clinical Research Coordinator of the United Voices Team. She has a background in Public Health, most specifically in Behavioral Science and Health Education. 

As a coordinator on another HIV research project, Cindy is excited to work with United Voices as she would like to work towards addressing health disparities and engage with communities living with HIV. She believes that there is more work to be done to eliminate stigma surrounding HIV.