Phase 1: Community Advisory Council and Focus Groups

For Phase 1, we are convening a Community Advisory Council (CAC) that consists of HIV community leaders and older people living with HIV (PLWH).

Why is Phase 1 being done?

Phase 1 is being done to generate ideas for modifying existing components of Community of Voices for the choir and developing new ones using ADAPT-ITT activities (e.g., group discussions, pretesting).

What will happen if I participate in Phase 1?

You will participate in a series of 4 CAC meetings. Below is what each session will cover:

  • Session 1: we will orient members to the goals of the research, introduce the current state of knowledge, and present the COV components and procedures
  • Session 2: we will solicit feedback on drafted versions and potential solutions for roadblocks.
  • Session 3: will involve an open discussion and rating the proposed intervention content, delivery strategies, and approaches on the basis of their acceptability, feasibility, and relative importance.
  • Session 4: we will solicit input on the proposed program manual in facilitated discussions as well as on a questionnaire.

How long will Phase 1 take?

Each CAC session will take approximately 1.5 - 2 hours.

What will I be paid for participating in Phase 1 of the study? 

For each CAC session you participate in, you will be paid $60.