Phase 2: United Voices Choir Pilot

Recruitment is now closed for the United Voices study.

In Phase 2, we will pilot the community choir intervention, United Voices.

Why is Phase 2 being done? 

We are piloting the United Voices community choir to understand how singing in a choir improves the health of older adults living with HIV.

Where will Phase 2 of this study happen? 

In compliance with COVID-19 restrictions, choir activities will happen via Zoom.

What will happen if I take part in Phase 2 of this study? 

You will participate in a choir that runs for 12 weeks via Zoom. You will have an equal chance of starting the choir immediately, or wait 12 weeks to begin the choir.

You will also complete 3 assessments throughout the study, and an Exit Interview when the study is complete.

How long will Phase 2 take?

Phase 2 will run for 12 weeks.

What will I be paid for participating in Phase 1 of the study? 

For each assessment you complete, you will be given $20 as an incentive.

For the Exit Interview, you will be given $15 as an incentive.